Even though Plast life is a continual self-development, there still exist problems of breaking the rules or not fulfilling the chores, and in Plast the reaction to such things is thought about. It is an attempt to help Plast members to stop their negative or not normal behavior.

In Plast there is no physical punishment for any rules breakage or not keeping to the requirements. Instead the system of warnings is used.

Warning - is a method of showing a Plast member his little sins, a chance to stop and think about them and to change.

There are three formal warnings that are given accordingly to the turn of being given or how serious the guilt was: first warning is the easiest one and the third one - the hardest, it means being excluded (crossed out) from Plast.

The biggest punishment in Plast is being excluded (crossed out) of Plast members:

Warnings in Cub Scouts which are given by mentor are a method of fighting any kinds of disobedience and bad behavior. If warnings do not bring any success then in agreement of Novak’s parents mentor can exclude Novak from the circle. Then he can renew himself without losing his degree.

System of warnings in Regular Scours is giving a notice to the fact that Plast member is crossing his free-will obligation to keep to the Plast duties and Law. The way in which warnings are used in Plast and what is the reaction to breaking the rule, has a big influence on creation of self-discipline. Here are the main principles that mentors or even Plast members themselves use to correct the behavior of certain people (extract from “Life in Plast” book):

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