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Scouts of Ivano – Frankivsk awarded the Iron Cross and conducted a quest to 95 anniversary ZUNR

Author: Natalia Kotskovych

A quest for the city and awarding posthumous the Iron Cross to the relatives of victims for the Ukraine scouts - so the Ivano-Frankivska stanytsya celebrated the 95 anniversary of ZUNR.

Scouts and some teams of pupils city schools opened the festival near the monument called " Scouts that did not break his oath ." They sang the hymn and prayer.

Consequently, they held the unique ceremony of awarding the highest scouts’ award – Iron Scouts’ Cross. The award is given posthumously and only to the families of scouts, who died in the struggle for Ukrainian statehood. Scouts of Ivano-Frankivsk had been looking for the old scouts for more than six months. And finally they have found them...

The award was received by the members of five families of scouts from Stanislavsky.They are Bogdan Liskevych , Olexa Hirnyk, Gorbovsky Mychaylo, Davidyuk Fedir and Mykola Masliak.

After the ceremony, as it was promised - terenivka was held. It was dedicated to the events of November Uprising .

Teams were running for historical places of Ivano –Frankivsk for almost 2 hours. They performed complicated tasks there. And after that the winners were selected . Oddly enough , the first place in the quest was received by the team "Garyachy sertsya". They were representatives of pupils’ self government.

The second one was the team "Belvedere " who were not scouts (they were the team of pupils).The third place was won by the team "SHOCK" (team of k. ch. 70)

After the game the winning team got to the highest point of the Ivano-Frankivsk - City Hall . There they launched the Ukrainian flag , as it had been 95 years ago.