Ukrainian scouts participated in the "Academy 2013" training, which took place in Belgium

Author: Natalia Medvid

From October 29 to November 3, “Academy 2013”, a training for scouts from across Europe, was held in the town of Male (a suburb of Bruges, Belgium).

The main idea of ​​the project was to create a platform for people from different cultures, languages, and traditions to meet one another and to exchange their experiences and to learn something new. It was very interesting to hear how people see scouting and how it looks in other countries.

The event was attended by close to 200 scouts from all over Europe, as well as one from Australia. Ukrainian scouting was represented at this event by a native of Lviv Natalia Medvid.

The event was set up in such a way that in the evening the participants selected which seminars they wanted to visit the following day (there were two sessions per day: before and after lunch). Each seminar was devoted to a particular issue, and the variety of topics was simply unbelievable – it was very hard to choose among them. All seminars were divided into three general areas: management, representation and training, with each area offering at least 8 different seminars.

No wonder the event is called "The Academy" – we felt as if we were at one of the European universities, because there one can also choose subjects one wants to learn. Three hours of intensive training were filled with a lot of useful information about the scouting program, the management and organization of projects, and so on.

Our spare time, which was free from the program, was also filled with many interesting activities. The organizers prepared a real nightly terrain game in the depths of the Belgian forests. Another evening was devoted to the presentation of different cultures. The participants could taste the unique dishes from different countries, such as brown cheese, sausages in apple sauce, and lots of sweets.

Hard to believe that just in five days so many people were able to become as one family. Now each of us has friends all over Europe and we can't wait for our next meeting, which will surely happen!

Translator: Oleksandra Honchar

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