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Plast has selected the slogan of the year for 2014

Author: Dmytro Kolesnyk

In honor of the 200thanniversary of Taras Shevchenko’s birth and continuing a long-standing Plast tradition of coordinating the activities of the entire organization throughout the year, the National Plast Council (NPC) of Ukraine has restored the practice of selecting the Plast slogan of the year.

The Plast slogan of the year for 2014:

 “Once warmed up by kindness, the heart will never grow cold again.”

It’s a quotation from T. Shevchenko’s poem “Dream”, from the “Three years” collection.

The NPC of Ukraine recommends that:

  • All educational scouting units (small groups and entire troops) should incorporate the slogan of the year into their activity plans for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015, or should make the necessary changes to already existing,approved plans;
  • The responsible persons in charge of “Plastun’s Day” festival, “Orlykiada” art contest, “Spartakiada” sports contest, and all national camps, as well as both national and local organizing committees for “Sviato Vesny” spring fest should use the slogan of the year in the process of planning the legends for and organizing the corresponding events.