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The 96th anniversary of the heroic act at Kruty

Author: Taras Shchepanyak

January 29 is a sorrowful memorial day, when we commemorate those youths that laid their lives down at the railroad station of Kruty. In the January frosts of 1918, those brave, fearless youths stood in battle against 4,000 Bolshevik soldiers under the command of Mykhail Muravyov.

A group of Kyiv students and warriors of Free Cossacks, numbering approximately 400, held off the occupants from the North. Although the battle itself was not pivotal in terms of its outcome, it became symbolic in the consciousness of many people precisely due to the heroism exhibited by the Ukrainian youth.

“Thus the defenders of their own state perished as merely children, yet already as courageous warriors. Thus one more page of our history was covered in blood. And this blood will not fade – it will always shine red on those dark pages. Thus one of the heroic battles for Ukraine took place, not one of hundreds of thousands of troops, not one of the best war commanders, not one of the destiny-defining battles for the entire country, but one of those that forever become painful scars of history, those that ignite in the future generations that thirst for freedom and that flame of hope." (Serhiy Pozyvailo)

Ukrainian scouts commemorate the anniversary of the heroic act at Kruty:

Tranlated by Bohdan Pechenyak