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Representatives of the Plast International Department met with scouts from the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Author: Natalia Medvid

May 2-4 representatives of Plast International Department scouts Natalia Hera and Maxim Sorokivskyy met scouts from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It happened under a joint Ukraine-Czech-Slovak camp «Explorer Belt». They stayed in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo and lake Synevyr.

The meeting was held successfully, because formed a friendly team of organizers and were made all scheduled tasks to prepare for camp.

«Explorer Belt»  - unique opportunity for scouts and not just for Scouts aged 18-30 years. During the camp you will meet with peers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, will travel Carpathian mountains , you will get closer to the culture of the Ukrainian village during different tasks, you will feel the spirit of the Transcarpathia region, the Carpathian mountains and full of mysteries Synevyr lake. You will have the opportunity to improve your level of English, and possibly Czech and Slovak languages.

Similar projects successfully held in Ireland, the UK, Sweden, Estonia and Romania. And this time - Ukraine.

For more information about the conditions of application, please follow this link.