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Rostyslav Polchanonov: "I'm so sorry. I pray to God that this war will end soon."

Author: Сашко Свистун
Our Motherland goes through difficult times. In such moments, words of support are very important. Especially, it is very important that scouts from different countries care about the situations in Ukraine. Today we received a letter from a very respected person in Russian Scouting, Rostyslav Polchanikov: 

 I'm so sorry. I pray to God that this war will end soon. - Rostyslav Polchanikov.

- Born in 1919 in Novocherkask in the family of the Colonel of White Army. 
- In 1920 he moved to Yugoslavia with his parents. 
- Studied at the faculty of Law in Belgrade University.
- In 1931, he joined National Organization of Russian Scouts, and in 1934, the organization "Russian falcon." - Later he became one of the executives of NORS in Europe.
- In 1944, he emigrated to Germany, and in 1951, to the USA. 
 Rostyslav and Ukrainian Scouting: 
At the end of 30s he, a Russian scout, at request of his Ukrainian friends, organized a patrol of young Ukrainian prospectors who published their own magazine in Ukrainian language. By reading "Eneida" by Kotliarevskiy, he learned the Ukrainian language, and on the occasion of the anniversary of Plast, he wrote the greeting from his organization in Ukrainian, to which UMPZ gave a standing ovation.