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The 56th radio Jamboree took place in October 19-20

Author: Natalia Medvid

In october 19-20 2013 a very interesting international event, where every scout of the planet, including plastuny could take part, was held. You should have only switch on yourcomputer and install a necessary program.

Noticing our usual lack of time in everyday life, internet-Jamboree is a great opportunity to communicate with other scouts, to exchange interesting and useful information. That’s why it is already 56th year of carrying out scout internet – Jamboree, that aims to unite as many scouts as it is possible from all the planet.

There were two ways of participating in Jamboree: collective and individual. For a collective participation it was necessary to find a radio station of collective usage in your city and to reach an agreement preliminary with the director of the station on participation in Jamboree. As the majority of those plastuny who wanted to take part in Jamboree were interested in individual participation, every of them installed at home a special program to stand in the event. The only thing is that this program allowed only to take part passively in this Jamboree (it gives an opportunity to listen to scout’s conversations without contacting with them).

Despite the passive participation in Jamboree, all those, who actually joined the event were satisfied and admitted, that even this was useful for them.

«It was not only fun to listen to conversations of scouts all from over the world, but the process of installing the program, with help of which I could join JOTA particiants, was cognitive» - pl. rozv. Anastasiya Svoryk

«Taking part in this Jamboree was useful for me, because I could listen to the talks of foreigners and add new words to my vocabulary», - pl. virl. Olya Prots