Ukrainian scouts visited an orphanage in Stryi district

Author: Maria Bahlay

For every child – one good person!

The holiday of St. Nicholas is approaching. Some think that everyone starts doing good deeds only on the eve of this holiday: visiting orphanages, poor families, and other people in need. The majority of foster homes are overwhelmed with presents. To some extent, this is true, but good deeds should be done constantly, although it is also important not to forget to do them particularly on the eve of such a holiday, long expected by the children.

Our sorority Verkhovynky (Mountain Women) made a resolution to constantly bring only good, love and peace to this world throughout the upcoming year 2014. Our first step toward that goal was a visit to an orphanage in the beginning of December of 2013. This was the same orphanage we had visited several years prior, so we decided to renew that tradition.

In the district of Stryi, in the village of Yosypovychi, an orphanage specializing in children with speech defects is located. Its name does not matter, since this is an institution where children from poor families live, and their parents sometimes refuse to take them home even for the big family holidays, let alone during regular weekends.

We bought lots of food and groceries, as well as stationery products that children usually need, collected various used toys that were still in good condition, children’s clothing and shoes from all of our Verkhovynkywho are already Moms, and set out to pay the orphans a visit. The children were very friendly and happy to see us. Together, we made toys for the Christmas tree, painted them, and just talked. Although these children are between 2 and 8 years of age, they are very curious and ask a lot of questions. It’s a shame that their childhood is passing not in the warm embrace of their own parents, but under the care of orphanage counselors. May God give good health to the latter!

We are planning to visit this orphanage more frequently, because, as its administrators say: “Were it not for all the helpers, we would not have been able to manage everything ourselves.”

So, we wish to everyone that they always serve as good helpers to each needy person out there! 

Translated by Bohdan Pechenyak

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