Kyiv district camp "Principality of white stone" and the second training for volunteers

Author: Stanislav Andriychuk

This year the event occurred, which all scouts of Kyiv and Kyiv region were waiting for for five years. District camp, known as "The Principality of white stone," which was supported by the "Bogdan Hvrylyshyn” foundation and the community « Silicon Valley ». According to legend, 8 different tribes (from different areas of the Kyiv region) fought with the evil cave Cyclops that wanted to destroy fairy Unicorn Valley, where strong and wise warriors lived.

During the first half of the camp participants were preparing for the final battle : with the help of  theoretical lectures and practically fixed material through interesting games and other tasks. Due to diligence of glorious soldiers on the eve of of Ivana Kupala holiday, Cyclops was defeated. Three days after the Valley was filled with songs and laughter of famous soldiers - they celebrated the victory.

But no one can guarantee that Cyclops never return to this world ...

Another important objective of the camp was to create groups of children headed with adults and prepared volunteers. This makes possible to begin systematic work on the comprehensive education of children and youth. As a result of the camp we expect the 120 children who attended the camp, to be the basis for the formation of groups of 15-20 children in their places of residence. Each group will be further accompanied with 1-2 adult volunteers. Such groups will be the beginning of a systematic work with young people in different locations. Children will engage their peers in other projects: weekly meetings, volunteering in the community, informal education. Important was holding  the second training camp for volunteers, wherethe theory could be used in practice. Adults who were trained there will be able to create new groups of children.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers who were helping to organize the camp and training.See you at the new activities.

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