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The 2nd Ukrainian Scout Jamboree took place!

Author: Ярема Дух
The 2nd Ukrainian Scout Jamboree, concerning the 20th anniversary of Plast and Scouting renewal in Ukraine, took place in the valley of Dzhurynskyy waterfall, near the village of Nyrkiv, Zalishchynskyy district, Ternopil oblast. The 1st Ukrainian Scout Jamboree took place in Zakarpattya region in 1996. More than 1300 plastuns from all regions of Ukraine and from USA, Germany, Estonia and Belgium were registered at Jamboree. Among Ukrainian participants of Jamboree, there were scouts from Algeria, Georgia and Poland.

- It's very interesting for us to be here - scout from Algeria says. - Ukrainian and Algerian scout camps are completely different. We can gain large experience for further development of our scout organization here.

Twelve all-Ukrainian camps gathered at Jamboree from East to West of Ukraine. Except them, plastuns from major Plast centers of Ukraine took part in Jamboree as well.

During Jamboree plastuns had an opportunity not only to meet old and make new friends but also to compete with others and discover new feelings and knowledge. Jamboree program included master-classes, where under careful eye of professional instructor everyone could try to steer glider, try their best on kayaks and catamarans, improve themselves in art competitions, compete in football and volleyball, play paintball or wrestle in the mud.

- Despite uncomfortable place for going up in the air, we are visited by more and more participants willing to fly - says paragliding instructor Sashko Krasilych. - We haven't got enough time to dinner, as we want as many people as possible people to be raised in the sky.

The demonstrations of possibilities of special division “Berkut” (Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs) and workers of Ministry of Unordinary Situations were organized especially for the plastuns.

Every day all Jamboree participants were cleaning up the territory around the camping place and installed self-made rubbish holders for members and visitors, which was the part of social activity. During camp preparation and conducting, volunteers managed to gather and transport out 6 huge trucks of rubbish.

- We transported out four trucks during the preparation of the territory for the camp, Nazar Zelinka,  the deputy commandant, says. - While two more trucks were gathered by Jamboree members. I suppose, this beloved by tourists territory has never been cleaned up so zealously.

The Cheef of Ternopil Region Tourism, Family and Youth Management - Volodymyr Hulyovskyy and the National Deputy of Ukraine - Lesya Orobets who helped with Jamboree organization have visited the activity. Mrs. Orobets has also met with Plast camp "Skobyn Let" (Eagles Flight) and had a chance to communicate with its members.

Internet cafe “Krapka” was initialized near the main tent. Every Jamboree participant had an opportunity to use Internet for 15 minutes for free.

- Lots of people are coming here, but there are not so many computers to meet their needs - says local worker sympathetically. - This results in queues all the time. While waiting, plastuns come to cafe and buy something to eat. Bar of chocolate “Snickers” is the most desirable item presented, as plastuns had to renew their energy for new future activities.

Three-times-a-day meals were organized in the territory of regional child leisure complex “Romashka”. Food was prepared at seven field kitchens by specially invited cooks with the help of few planstuns on duty. It is interesting fact, those field kitchens were gathered from two regions - Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk.

At the official closure of the Jamboree, everyone could witness the ceremony of nomination to Hetman’s Skob (Honorable Eagle-scout) of Liubomyr Shymkiv from Ternopil. We kindly remind that Liubomyr is the second rover in Ukraine since the reestablishment of Plast in early 90s, who attained this level in scouting.  

Besides the competitions, plastuns had a possibility to sing at the campfire, watch Plast movies and even order a song to be broadcasted by the "Camp Radio".

We want this event to be not only the entertainment and the possibility for Plast members to rest, - Natalya Olenchyn, commandant of the camp said. – But we want to remind, this year is a jubilee year for Plast. This event is also, to some extent, a training for the event, devoted to Plast centenary, which shall be commemorated in 2012.

Taras Zen'

See also: K1 Channel video "Plast celebrates 20th anniversary of scout reestablishment in Ukraine"

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