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The Second Eurasian Regional Jamboree was held near Orhei, Moldova, on July, 21-30

Author: Михайло Дяків
The Second Eurasian Regional Jamboree was held near Orhei, Moldova, on July, 21-30 (The First Regional Jamboree was conducted in 2006 in Armenia and there also was a delegation from Ukraine).

Ukrainian delegation consisted of 19 plastuns from Lviv, Ternopil and Kyiv, and also of 18 members of Kyiv Organization of National Organization of Scouts of Ukraine. Except us and organizers there were also represented scouts from Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, and Russia. Scouts from Germany, the Netherlands and the USA came for the last few days. 

We got surprisingly a lot of impressions, memories and positive emotions. All the things during these ten days were very unusual and unexpected for us. So, what plastuns say after coming home from Jamboree?   

Marianna Harabara, Lviv: 
“I enjoyed much the Second Regional Jamboree in Moldova! I hadn’t expected this event to be so interesting. What I liked most was ferrying on the river Dniester. It was amazing! All these landscapes, small villages, nice churches on the beaches seemed to be paintings and gladdened our eyes!”   

Halyna Bilins’ka, Kyiv: 
“I didn’t plan to go to Moldova Jamboree... But, undoubtedly, I had a great time! We discovered Moldovian people, culture, food peculiarities, met scouts from other countries. We were engaged in an art sessions, we danced, discussed global environmental and gender issues, challenges of scouting on a regional level... We had an unforgettable time in Moldova!”   

Nastia Chervins’ka, Lviv: 
“It was so exciting! Many different activities... Personally I liked pionerynh and excursions. Without such a great team of organizers and cheerful participants everything wouldn’t be like that. I can’t get used to their absence...”   

Marko Hasiuk, Lviv
“Firstly, it was very interesting to see another country, to learn about their customs and traditions. It will be complicated for me to forget these 10 cool days in Moldova. Respect to organizers.”  

Kvitka Pasichnyk, Lviv: 
“The brightest impression I can recall is a social work, which aim was to help people. At the beginning we were said that we would clean a coast of the river after the flood, but we cleaned a park in the village. Representatives from Ukraine took the initiative and offered their assistance to villagers. In the village we were divided into several groups that went to different houses, where helped in gardens, yards, rooms. People valued this help and blessed us!”  

Yulia Macyk, Ternopil’:
“We studied folk dances of all countries represented at the Jamboree; however, most were Moldovian. There were also classic: waltz, salsa etc.. I also remember the day of national dishes presentation – everything was so delicious. Every night residents of each country presented their culture – it was very funny and rewarding. We celebrated Christmas by preparing during a day a gift for an unknown person from the whole Jamboree (we drew the piece of paper with names and surnames), and in the evening near so-called Christmas tree we distributed this presents. Opening and closing ceremonies of Jamboree were also impressive: there were dances, songs, Moldavian group came for presentation of Jamboree's anthem.”   

Marta Pasichnyk, Lviv:
“Each day of our camp can be divided into four parts: 1) morning – various activities 2) afternoon – rest, communication, volleyball 3) late afternoon – folk dances of each country 4) evening – disco party – the most favourite part of the day.”   

Olena Drapak, Ternopil’:
“Incredible views of Moldova together with Ukrainian songs created unforgettable impressions! Therefore, "MULTUMESC" (that was written on my supermarket bill at the corner where usually is “THANK YOU”) my dear, for a great opportunity to meet new acquaintances and adventures!”   

Organizers did really a great job, they successfully conducted Jamboree for the entire Eurasian region. Without their inspiration and dedication we wouldn't found so many new friends and acquaintances throughout Eastern Europe, we wouldn't get acquainted with the culture and customs of Eastern countries!   

At the opening ceremony, Jamboree director and the president the Association of Scouts of Moldova Vladimir Vlas said: “We had just one dream – we want you to become one big scout family!” Well... His hopes came true!   

Now we are looking forward to the Third Regional Jamboree! 

translation into English - Marta Konoval