Plast thanks Risk Reduction Foundation for the book "The Blue Economy"

Author: Тарас Щепаняк

On the eve of the World Environment Day, the Swiss Risk Reduction Foundation has transferred to regional organizations of the Ukrainian scouting organization «Plast» — a book of the world famous scientist, a member of the Club of Rome Gunter Pauli «The Blue Economy: 10 Years, 100 Innovations, 100 million jobs». This report to the Club of Rome offers innovative solutions for the development of eco-businesses and restoration of the ecological balance of the planet.

Dmitry Kolesnik, executive director of Plast-NSOU, Kyiv:

«On behalf of Plast, I want to thank the honorable scout, president of the Risk Reduction Foundation Vladimir Kosterin for his gift to scouts — two hundred copies of the book of Gunter Pauli. Some scouts showed interest to this book earlier, in particular, they visited a book presentation in Kiev in February 2012, which was organized by Risk Reduction Foundation, together with „Bohdan Hawrylyshyn“ charitable foundation. I think this is another important step for the implementation of progressive ideas presented by Gunter Pauli».

Ihor Nakonechny, Chernivtsi

«I was presented the book „The Blue Economy“ at the Plast regional congress in Kiev. I am particularly interested in this edition, as am a chemist by specialty, and the scope of my research involvesnon-traditional sources of energy, in particular, semiconductor solar panels. In my opinion, the ideas that are described in the book are extremely relevant for the world in general, and for Ukraine in particular.

Proposals in the book are quite revolutionary, their implementation requires integrity in reforming the economy and industry of Ukraine. I believe that to conduct these reforms we need to involve not only economists but also the industry experts — chemists, ecologists, biologists, etc.»

Roman Andreev, Lviv:

«The author of the book offers 100 ideas to help improve the economic and environmental situation in the world. The scientist describes new ways of transforming the economy, namely the introduction of new systems that will not harm nature.

Of all the innovations I find the story about the transformation of infertile savannah of Colombia into the rich green forests the most memorable. This initiative has achieved success through the use of symbiosis Caribbean pines and mycorrhizal mushrooms. This example illustrates that a person can live in harmony with nature if it wants».

Oksana Shevchuk, Rivne:

«The book really impressed me. A new type of thinking is revealed in a very diverse way, interesting examples, plaques with a list of technologies help to understand the essence. Some of the ideas can be implemented even at the household level. All global changes begin with small actions, with thoughts of changing the attitude to the environment in the first place. The book is easy to read, especially I liked the selection of quotes by famous people on industry topics. In particular Voltaire «Improvement should not neglect the good intentions.»

Yuriy Nakonechnyj, Lviv:

«Innovative steps of development of the future economy or society described in the book can serve as a model for future projects for the whole society, and scouts in particular. Interesting examples of the environmental business, direct scouts to pay more attention to environmental education of the younger generation».

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