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More than hundred people have honored the November derangement in Kozova

Author: Borys Javir

On the night between 2nd and 3rd of November in the small town Kozova participants of roleplaying game “The November Derangement”, that was organized by plast members, have been reproducing the events, that happened in Lviv on the night between 31st of October and 1st of November in 1918.

For seventh time running every year Borys Javir and his adherents are organizing an event, dedicated to the anniversary of November derangement – a rebellion and the establishment of Ukrainian authorities in Lviv on the night of November 1, 1918 in Kozova, Ternopil’ region. For several years, the event slogan is "If you want to change history - come and do it!".

The event was attended by members and guests from Berezhany, Bucac, Zboriv, Kozova, Lapshina, Ternopil, Pidhayets, Chortkiv, Kamenetz-Podilsky, Khmelnitsky and other cities and towns, including Poland (Boris Javir handed to Polish scouts memorial stickers with symbols of the event). Mostly they were scouts (NSOU "Plast"), but also representatives of publicity, school students, university students have attended. Overall, there were 110 people on the event.

With the advent of the night there was the grand Plast opening celebration, preparation for combat operations and shipping to original positions. After indicated time, the roleplaying game, that was the historical retrospective of those far events of almost centenary remoteness, started. There was 7 strategy stations in the city(“little yard”, “post”, “high school”, “administration building” and other), that participants of different sides had to capture. As a symbol of control every side set their flag.  Also game participants “killed” their enemies, removing their bandages, which meant “life”. Members of the leadership where gendarmes, who took the caught ones into the “sweatbox”.

Within Kozova an imaginary history of Ukraine-Polish-Austrian conflict in miniature broked out. Austrian parts tried to regain their control of the town. During the struggle "Poles" lost a significant part of their "shooters", significantly more than "Austrians" and "Ukrainians", but could quite long control the town. However, exactly Ukrainian forces were victorious, winning in the last minutes of the game and losing the least "shooters".

After a long battle participants discussed the events of the night, sharing exploits and strategy characteristics of each of the teams. In the morning there was a closing ceremony, on which - naming the degree of scouts, rewarding of winners, congratulations of leadership. Full of impressions the participants of “November derangement” went to their native homes…

Leadership of the event give their thanks to Kozova village council, utilities and everyone who helped for their cooperation and assistance in conducting the event, and the district police station for ensuring peace on the streets of the town.