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On November 16th, the autumn ball "Improvisation" was held in Ivano-Frankivsk

Author: Дана Андрухів

The Viacheslav Lypynskyi troop no. 79 chose “Improvisation” as a theme for its autumn ball to make the event more attractive to the younger scouts.

On November 16th, hi-fi sound and lighting effects turned the Ivano-Frankivsk Plast headquarters into a dancing hall. Fifty youngsters, age 11 to 15, paired up and learned the steps of the waltz, tested their abilities and skills in different contests, and savored the sweets.

“This is a very useful event, especially for younger kids. Plast shapes their values and helps them see how to combine fun and usefulness. The autumn ball form has proved its value for over a decade.  – said Stanislav Provalnyi, the troop’s leader.

The organizing committee of the event thanks the Executive Plast Committee of Ivano-Frankivsk, especially its Head, who is also the building manager, for their help in making the even possible, as well as the sound and lighting company “Ersteia” for the equipment and technical support.

Translated by Khrystyna Tynkalyuk